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Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. Below you will find out what we have and what our usage polices are.

Computer/Internet User Agreement


  • Anyone wishing to use a computer must inquire at the circulation desk.


  • Patrons MAY not be allowed computer privileges if they are not in good standing with the Library.


  • Access to the workstation may be limited to 30 minutes. An additional 30 minutes may be allowed.


  • Same day reservations may be made.


  • No more than 2 patrons may use a computer at one time and only if they don’t disturb other patrons.
  • Permission must be granted by Library Staff to use the Library printer and a per page printing charge will be assessed.


  • Food and drink are not allowed in the computer area.


  • Any damage to the computer or peripherals will be charged to the patron.


  • Failure to use the computer workstation appropriately and responsibly may result in revocation of computer use privileges.


Minor Users Computer/Internet Policy


  • Children younger than 2nd grade may be allowed to use non-internet computers depending on the child’s ability and availability of a computer. We request that a parent or guardian be present to monitor the child’s ability.


  • Children through age 17 must have an Internet Permission Slip signed by a parent or legal guardian on file at the Library in order to use the internet without a parent present.


  • Children 2nd – 5th grade are allowed on sites approved by Library Staff. If you have a suggestion for a site to be approved talk to a Library Staff member.


  • If a minor child is observed on an internet site not approved by the Library Staff they may lose their computer privileges depending on the severity of the offense. First offense = 1 week, second offense = 3 months and third offense will mean no computer use without parental supervision until the child turns 18.