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Hunger Games

Teen program at the Jefferson Rec. Center

Teens from the six district libraries showed up for fun and games at this years Teen Party "Hunger Games: Adventures in Survival", sponsored by the Greene County Board of Supervisors.

First the teenagers participated in an ice breaker game to get to know each other better.

Next we had presenters Don Orris and Skeeter Wilber who talked about archery skills and equipment (bow, arrows & target) and about Doreen Wilber’s gold medal in archery at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany. They showed her arrow, sports card, and gold medal from the Olympics.  We then went outside to view sculpture of Doreen and learn how the sculpture came to be and some history of Doreen herself.

The teens were then divided into teams depending on color of their name tag.  The teams will then build a maze.  One  person  from the other team will go through maze blindfolded, with verbal instruction from their team.  The team going through fastest with least errors won a candy bar.

We then decided who got to eat first upon trivia from the book or the movie. We had excellent health snacks that represented the 12 districts from the Hunger Games.

Then we did relays by dividing into four teams by counting off.

  1. Bow & arrow-try to shoot arrow through hula hoop
  2. Spear (1/2 swimming noodle)  through hula hoop
  3. Knock cups down with wiffle ball
  4. Blow plastic egg across floor with drinking straw

Winning team gets candy bars.

Then we gave away prizes with everyone receiving a candy bar and a soda or Gatorade. The other prizes were in a name drawing. With everyone getting a main prize that included: hula hoops, bow and arrow sets, Hunger Games key rings and dog tags, iTunes cards, and  funky keyboard covers.

Everyone involved love the program and we will plan on having another one next year.

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