Annual Report

Annual Report

Every year librarians in libraries across the state keep track of all sorts of information for their library. These numbers are submitted to their library boards, town councils, their county supervisors, and even to the state of Iowa. These are some of the fun things to know about our library, like what is being checked out and how often.

These are the Marchant Memorial Library's circulation numbers for last year:

Adult Circulation Number
Adult Non-Fiction 98
Adult Fiction 507
Adult Blu-ray and DVD 993
Biography 12
Book Club  
Christian Fiction 25
Large Print 153
Mystery 223
New Adult 50
Total Adult Circulation 2,061



Kids Circulation Number
Board Books 18
Easy Readers 483
Graphic Novels 23
Junior Non-Fiction 77
Junior DVD and Blu-rays 351
Junior Fiction 219
Junior Biography 4
Teen 134
Total Kids Circulation 1,309



"Other" Circulation Number
Games 4
Periodicals 39
Undefined 7
Video Games 69
ILL items 102
Iowa 29
Technology 2
Puzzles 11
Bridges (online e-books and audiobooks) 1,342
Total "Other" Circulation 1,605


Total Circulation for Fiscal Year 2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) 4,975 items checked out from the library.

Those are only the check-outs for the year.

There were 41 programs offered at the library (including coffee groups, discussion groups, summer reading, after school programs, and much more!). There were 494 people who attended those programs.

When you put all these numbers together, it is easy to see why the library is important in the community!