Use a computer

Use a computer

Using the library's public computers is quick and easy!

The library computers are offered on a first come- first serve basis to any patron who would like to use the computer. You don't have to have a library card in order to use a computer.

If there are other people waiting to use the computer, we may have to limit the time that each person can be on the computer. The most common example of this would be early-out Wednesdays when several kids would like use the computers at the same time.

Printing is available for a fee ($0.10 per page for black and white pages and $0.50 per page for color printed pages).

Food and drink are not allowed at the computer areas.

Patrons using computers for financial or other personal activities do so at their own risk. Privacy is not guaranteed.

Each patron is responsible for complying with copyright laws and adhering to the software licensing agreements for local, state, and federal laws including but not limited to those for fraud, privacy, and obscenity. Use of the library's internet connection in an illegal, disruptive, or destructive manner may result in the loss of Internet or Library privileges.

Equipment and software are not to be altered in any way. Any damages incurred may be the financial responsibility of that patron.