eBook & Audio

eBook & Audio

Bridges Library Closed

The Marchant Memorial Library subscribes to a service called Overdrive for our audio books and e-books. This service can be used by anyone who has our library card. You can use this service on the computer with the Bridges-Overdrive at https://bridges.overdrive.com/. It can also be used on your smartphone or tablet using the Libby App.

For our library users, this audiobook/ebook app is free! And the best part is - it also still counts as circulation for the library!

If you have any questions about using this service, or if you need help getting your account set up, please contact your local librarian. You can call, send an email, or stop in for one-on-one help!

The Libby App is available from the app store on your device.

Libby 2_Tout 120x90.jpg There have been some recent updates to Libby that people are starting to take note of. One of the things that you will notice right off the bat if you are a user of Libby, is that you can check out 5 books now instead of 3. Some people will really notice a difference!

Another feature that is just making its debut on Libby is a section titled "On the Shelf Right Now!" These books are going to be available for anyone who wants to read them without any holds. Right now there are about 4,000 ebooks and audiobooks that are in this section, and there are plans for more titles to be added. Currently a lot of the books are classics, but it is amazing how the classics are sometimes just as relevant now as they were years ago when they were written!

In this fast-paced world it is good to remind yourself to take time for the things that matter to you. Maybe for you that is staying at home and reading a book or two (or twelve - we won't judge!). If you need your library card number or you need help getting the Libby app to work on your device, let us know!