Library Card

Library Card

Reading.jpgUser cards will be issued to any persons 3 years or older at no charge. Registration form of patrons under 18 years of age must be signed by a parent. A patron will be required to produce identification and fill out a registration for the library’s reference.

Numbers will be issued to all patrons for privacy and use for check-out.


All patrons will be responsible for returning materials borrowed within the required time. They shall pay replacement costs for lost or damaged items.

New patrons are allowed to borrow 2 items at a time during a probationary period of 2 months. If there are no late returns, and the patron is in good standing, then the patron will be granted regular borrowing privileges.

Adult patrons & child patrons have slightly different borrowing privileges. Children are not allowed to borrow as many items at one time as an adult.


Do you want to get a library card now so that you can access all of our amazing digital resources?

Just fill out a "Ask a librarian" form under the Services tab at the top of this page. Fill in your name, address, email address, and phone number. In the last typing box let us know that you want to get a library card. I can get you signed up for a library card and get the library card number to you. You will need to stop in at the library to sign the library card form when it works into your schedule.

Thank you for your interest in getting a new library card!