Newest Movies

***Pictures of each new movie will be posted on Facebook, but if you want the complete list of new movies (movies that are new to the library within the last 3 months), then you definitely want to check here.  If you are into movies and want to know which movies the library is getting, bookmark this page! This list is updated every time we get in a new movie. ***

Most new movies are available in DVD and Blu-ray formats, but occassionally they are only offered in one format.

If you would like to reserve a movie, please call, email, or stop into the library!


Fitness movies from the Scranton 5-2-1-0 Healthy Initiatives grant

Chair Yoga
Bellydance Fitness for Beginners
Fat Burning Walk
Dance Fitness for Beginners with MaDonna Grimes: African Beat - Latin Heat
Gentle Yoga: 7 Practices for Your Day with Jane Adams
Zumba 101: Can't Dance?
Dance X: Fun Dance & Exercise For Kids with Great Music


New Movies

    The Bad Guys
    The Duke (R)
    The Wolf and the Lion
    White Elephant (R)
    Hot Seat (R)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    The Lost City
    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    Mid-Century (R)
    Let Them All Talk (R)
    Dual (R)
    Black Site (R)
    Downtown Abbey: a New Era 
    Everything Everywhere All at Once (R)
    Memory (R)
    Fantastic Beasts, the Secrets of Dumbledore 
    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (R)
    Father Stu (R)
    The Witches
    Ambulance (R)
    Gold (R)
    The Contractor (R)
    The Northman (R)
    Big Gold Brick (UR)
    X (R)
    The Burning Sea
    The Batman

    The Outfit (R)
    Without Remorse (R)
    Panama (R)
    Tyson's Run
    Expired (R)
    Super Intelligence
    Last Survivors (UR)
    Gasoline Alley (R)   


Recently moved to 7 day checkouts:
    Last Looks (R)
    King Richard
    Warhunt (R)
    C'Mon C'Mon (R)
    Desperate Riders
    The Humans (R)
    Desperate Hour
    The King's Daughter
    Spider-Man: No Way Home 
    Marry Me
    Sing 2
    Pursuit (R)

    Silent Night (UR)
    John and the Hole (R)
    Project Gemini (UR)
    A Tale of Two Guns (UR)
    For the Love of Money (R)
    Redeeming Love
    National Champions (R)
    The Nowhere Inn (UR)
    The Pilot (UR)
    The King's Man (R)
    Golden Voices (UR)
    American Underdog
    House of Gucci (R)

Movies on the list that are rated R will be marked with a (R) after the title.
New movies can be checked out for 3 days.
There is a limit of 1 new movie checked out per person (2 if they are not really new).