Census 2020

This year is a census year, and while some of you aren't terrible excited by this, your library director definitely is! The census determines government funding of entities such as- you guessed it-  libraries! The census numbers collected this year will be the basis of funding and political representation for our community until the next census in 2030. That's a long time! For every family that doesn't fill out a census, our community will lose out on funding that should have been provided for 10 years. That kind of loss can add up quickly, so obviously we want to help get the word out and help every family in our community get counted for the census.

The United States Constitution calls for a census every 10 years to determine the number of representatives each state gets in the House of Representatives, how the districts are set up within our state, and funding on every level of government. The census is required by law, and it is your chance to stand up and get counted. The answers to your questions are used to compile statistics on a town, county, state, and country level. For those of us that are numbers people, this is an awesome resource to have access to!

You should be receiving an invitation in the mail to fill out your census online this year. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and the community for several reasons- it is pretty easy to do online, your responses won't get lost in the mail, and it saves taxpayer money! If you don't have a computer or if you would like some help filling out your census, the library is here to help! We have 6 public computers and 5 public laptops that can be used to complete the census online.  Bring in the census paperwork that you got in the mail and we can get you started or help you fill out the entire census. The census should take around 10 minutes to complete - assuming that you can remember the birthday of everyone living in your house.