Computer/Internet Policy

Marchant Memorial Library Computer/Internet Policy (Revised 7/8/2019)


The Marchant Memorial Library strives to provide computers and internet access to its patrons and for public use.  The purpose of offering this service is to provide access to the world of knowledge that the internet contains to every member of the community.  In an effort to provide internet safety to minors as well as the community, internet access at the library will be filtered.  A protection measure that prohibits access to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors will be enforced on all library computers.  This protection measure can be temporarily disabled by request to the librarian on duty.  We try to the best of our ability to provide both confidentiality and privacy while using the internet.  As with any library device, availability is not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to determine and oversee any restrictions they feel necessary for their children while using the internet access provided in this library.  Marchant Memorial Library urges all of our patrons to be respectful of others and respectful in the use of information they obtain using our internet access.

Computer/Internet User Agreement

Anyone wishing to use a library computer may do so if a computer is available. You do not have to have a library card to use a public access computer. If all computers are in use inquire at the circulation desk as to when a computer will be available.

Computers are available on a first come first serve basis. Times may be limited depending on demand.

Printing is available for a charge. Patrons are responsible for all printouts.

Food and drink are NOT allowed in the computer areas.

Patrons using library computers for financial or other personal activities do so at their own risk.  Privacy is NOT guaranteed.

Security for personal wireless devices rests solely with the owner.

Each patron is responsible for complying with copyright laws and adhering to the software licensing agreements for local, state, and federal laws including but not limited to those concerning fraud, privacy, and obscenity. Use of the library’s internet connection in an illegal, disruptive, or destructive manner may result in the loss of Internet or Library privileges.

Equipment and software are not to be altered in any way.  Any damages incurred may be the financial responsibility of that patron.