Controversial Materials

Because of the rich diversity of human experience and opinion, it is inevitable that some materials in the library’s collection will be objectionable to some people in the community. The library, however, in a very real sense belongs to the whole community, to the minority as well as the majority. It has a responsibility to serve that community in all its variety, which includes providing for the needs and interests that may offend a few or even a great many people.

An effort is made to provide a balanced collection. The library attempts to represent all sides of controversial issues. In no case does the library take an official stand on any public question. The function of the library is to provide information, not to advocate specific points of view.

The library welcomes comments and criticisms of its collection. However, no citizen in a democracy has a right to prevent another from reading a specific book by demanding its removal form the library’s shelves. Therefor this board declares as a matter of principle and in accordance with well-established principles of law, that no challenged library material shall be removed from the library under any supposed legal pressure without a court order.

If a patron demands some sort of satisfaction for a complaint for a specific book, they may fill out a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Material” form. (This form is located at the end of the policies handbook or the last box under the Library Policies on the website.)