Gifts & Memorials


The Marchant Memorial Library welcomes gifts of all types, including library materials, money and real property. All gifts to the library are tax deductible.

Donations to the library are accepted with the understanding that the library retains unconditional ownership. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to make the final decision on their use and disposition, and to determine the conditions of display, housing and access. The library will not attempt to appraise or assign a valuation to any donated item.

Donations are also subject to our general Collection Development policies, which are on preceding pages.

The library generally applies the same criteria in evaluating gift books and other library materials that it applies to purchased items. Some books appealing to a limited number of users, however, may be accepted as gifts even though they would not have been purchased with library funds. The library reserves the right to refuse gifts it feels are inappropriate and to dispose of gifts as it sees fit, including the right to discard them if they do not meet the library’s standards, whether due to content or physical condition. Books or materials that are added to the collection will not be shelved in any special section, but will take their place with the regular collection. Gifts will be identified whenever possible with a bookplate giving the name of the donor. Gift items will be withdrawn from the collection according to the same principles as purchased items. The library cannot assume responsibility for notifying the donor of the withdrawal or for replacing worn out or lost copies nor for purchasing new or revised editions of titles which were donated.
Gifts are acknowledged by newspaper and a thank you note.


The Marchant Memorial Library welcomes gifts of money for the purchase of books and materials as memorials. Books purchased on this basis will be those matched to the interests of the person to be honored. Books selected as memorials will be ones of long term usefulness and interest so the donor will know that he is presenting material that will remain in the collection for many years. Memorials are recorded in a special book and a bookplate is placed in the front of the book designating whom the memorial is given in behalf of and who gave the memorial. When memorial items are withdrawn from the collection and attempt will be made to notify the donors.

Memorials are acknowledged by newspaper, thank you note, and the families of designated memorials are also notified.