Library Administrative Procedures

Confidentiality of records


No names or patron numbers will be used on check out items with the exception of non-bar code items. These are recorded on a separate sheet and for the libraries use only. This is for privacy and may not be revealed to anyone other than a library employee. An individual’s address or phone number will not be given out.

Emergency Procedures


The universal emergency number, 911, shall be posted near the phone. This number shall be used for fire or accident. Also posted are local numbers for emergency, and poison control number is 800-228-9515.

A first-aid kit shall be kept in the library at all times.

A fire extinguisher is mounted by the front door in case of fire. It is inspected monthly and serviced yearly to insure proper working order. All Library Staff shall know how to operate the extinguishers.

Two exits are well marked. In case of fire Library Staff shall direct patrons to nearest exit. Library Staff will check all other areas before leaving the building.

In case of a tornado, Library Staff shall direct patrons to a windowless room.

Discarding, Rebinding and Replacement of Material


Obsolescence, damage, and normal wear and tear make the discarding of books a continuing process. A careful study is made of each book, especially non-fiction titles, taking into account several factors: physical condition of the book, number of copies remaining in the field, availability of similar material in the collection and the immediate need for a particular title.

Criteria used for determining whether an essential book with a poor binding should be rebound or replaced includes: availability of a replacement, cost of replacement and physical condition of the contents.