Library Service Policies

Service Outlets & Hours  (Revised 1-13-2020)

The Scranton Public Library strives to provide equal access to our collection and to the property for all patrons.

Library hours are posted on the library’s front doors, in the local newspaper, on our website, and on our Facebook page. In order to maintain a safe and secure environment for our patrons and our collection, a library staff must be present in the library at any time the library is in use. The library can be made available to patrons for committee meetings, book clubs, discussion groups, and such types of activities with approval from the library director and the library board if a member of the library staff will be available to be present in the library at that time.

Use of the Library

Smoking is not permitted in public buildings.

The Scranton Public Library welcomes and encourages all citizens, groups, clubs or organizations to use the library’s facilities as a meeting place. Whether for educational or recreational purposes, it may be used at any time during regular library hours, with board approval. Only non-profit groups will be allowed to sell things. If it is necessary to use the facilities during the hours when the library is closed, an appointment must be made with the Library Director with proper notice.