Community Analysis

Community Analysis


Data was collected from several sources to complete this strategic plan. Those sources include, but are not limited to:

·         State Data Center- Demographic, Economic, and Social Characteristics for Scranton, Iowa with statistics from the 2000 Census as well as the 2013-2017 American Community Survey.  This information was obtained from the State Data Center. Community data collected from this source was included on page 2, Community Information.

·         Edge 2.0 Assessment and Action Plan- assessment completed and recommendations printed May 6, 2019. Based on the Edge recommendations, the library was able to apply for and receive a 2019 Iowa Library Technology Grant from the State of Iowa that was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act. Our Edge Action Plan included providing classes on internet searching skills, online job-seeking skills, and educational opportunities for students and patrons. The plan also included technology for staff use in training, staff development, and programming.  

·         December 2019 Community Survey- survey data collected at the library during the Christmas in Scranton event on December 5, 2019. This event afforded the library the opportunity to get input from avid library users through non-library users. We collected a total of 32 surveys, with the majority (23 surveys) collected from individuals who were 61 years of age or older. For satisfaction with the library hours, we had 14 extremely satisfied and 14 satisfied, with only 1 survey indicating unsatisfied. The customer service question showed all participants at least satisfied, with 25 extremely satisfied. Most people surveyed found out about library programs from visiting the library or seeing advertisements in the local newspaper. There were many suggestions of different programs that people would like to see offered at the library as well.

·         December 2019 Kids Survey- survey data collected at the Scranton Community Center bus stop in Scranton December 10-16, 2019. There were 8 kids surveys that were returned to the bus stop. The kid surveys were completed by children who come to the library “once in a while” (7 surveyed) and often (1). These surveys indicated that the kids wished there was more to do in Scranton and that there was a grocery store in town. They liked that there weren’t many people who live in Scranton and they like being able to do things like playing at the park. For the library, some of the kids would like to see more activities, books, and movies and several of the kids said they wouldn’t change anything about the library.