Community Information

Community Information

Scranton is located in Greene County in West Central Iowa. The population of Scranton has decreased slightly from 604 in the 2000 Census to 557 in the 2010 Census. The median age is 37.4 years. Residents in Scranton are nearly all White with 6% of the population Hispanic or Latino. English is the predominate language.[1]

The children of Scranton attend school in the Greene County Community School District with the elementary, middle, and high schools located in Jefferson, Iowa. Some students also open enroll to other nearby schools including Glidden-Ralston school in Glidden, Iowa, and Paton-Churdan school in Churdan, Iowa.  There were approximately 113 school-aged children in Scranton in 2010 compared to 119 school-aged children in Scranton in 2000.1  

Residents participate in two local churches, the Church of Christ and the Scranton United Methodist Church, and several community clubs and groups. In 2019 a women’s group original to Scranton, Varceis, celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Local amenities include 3 parks, a community center including a gymnasium, and a softball field. The School Memorial Park received new playground equipment in 2017 with a shelter house and bathroom built in 2019. The Parks and Recreation Department are planning on renovating the City Park starting in 2019, including new playground equipment at that park as well. The Gazebo Park on Main Street boasts a central gazebo surrounded by trees and flowerbeds.

Scranton’s largest employer is New Way Trucks, a manufacturer of garbage trucks, which contributes to 36% of Scranton residents working in production, transportation, and material moving occupations. Other employers in the town include People’s Trust & Savings Bank, MacDonald Insurance Company, Scranton Telephone Company, B&D Manufacturing, Pemble’s Digging and Drainage, and Scranton Machine Shop.[2] Residents of Scranton have an average travel time to work of 16.5 minutes in 2013-2017 compared to an average commute of 19.5 minutes in 2000. 2

Residents of Scranton have access to information in a variety of formats including a local newspaper, cable access channel, and an internet service provider.

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