Goal 1

Know Your Community | Civic/Community Engagement

GOAL #1: Citizens will obtain information about community events and organizations at the library.


Objective #1:  The library will create, maintain, and display a community calendar monthly.

·         Library staff will display upcoming library events in multiple formats inside the library including posters, a list of events and dates, and a calendar (Spring 2020).

·         The director will coordinate with the city clerk to add city events to the calendar (Summer 2020).

·         The director will coordinate with other community leaders to add events to the community calendar (Summer 2020).

o   Ex: Community Center, Scranton Little League, Kids’ Fishing Day, Scranton Betterment Committee

·         The director will include the community calendar events on the library’s website and Facebook pages (Fall 2020).


Objective #2: The library will host community events to encourage citizen involvement.

·         The library will host a Community Sign-Up event for summer programs in Scranton (Summer 2020).

o   Little league, Kids’ Fishing Day, Vacation Bible School, Summer Reading

o   The director will coordinate a time/day with the leaders of the events.

o   Library employees will have sign-up sheets for the events available for patrons before and after the sign-up event.

·         The library will host a Meet the Candidates event before local elections (Fall 2020).

o   Mayor and city council candidates on the ballot will be invited to attend.

o   The library director will have questions prepared.

o   Program attendees will have time to ask questions.

·         The library will be the host location for various community meetings (Fall 2022).

o   Scranton Township Cemetery meetings (Spring 2020)

o   The library director will get in touch with the leaders of community groups to volunteer the library as a meeting place (Spring 2021).

o   The library will host a “Volunteer Fair” to coordinate community groups with people who would like to become involved in the community (Spring 2022).


Objective #3: The library will provide citizens of Scranton access to community information.

·         Local events will be advertised and encouraged by library staff (Spring 2021).

o   Posters for local events will be posted.

o   Local cable access channel will be played in the library.

·         Library staff will maintain a community events suggestion box (Spring 2022).

o   Suggestions can be communicated to the library board and/or city council.

  • The library will create and maintain a Community Information section (Spring 2023).
    • Brochures from local businesses
    • Applications for community volunteer organizations