Goal 2

Connect to the Online World and Build Technology Skills | Digital Learning

GOAL #2: Citizens will have access to the internet on public computers and will have library staff that can assist them with their technology needs.


Objective #1: The library will provide citizens access to internet-enabled devices inside the library.

·         The library’s wireless internet password is displayed for the public to connect their personal devices.

·         Library staff will make internet-enabled devices available to citizens daily at the library (Spring 2020).

o   Desktop computers, laptops, iPads

·         The library staff will receive training on operating new library equipment (Spring 2020).

o   Laptops and iPads.

·         Public devices will be available for use on the 2020 Census.

o   Staff training on the importance of the 2020 Census information to the library and any technical information needed to assist patrons completing the census.



Objective #2: Library staff will assist patrons in learning to use internet-enabled devices at the library.


·         Library staff will offer classes on internet searching, Microsoft Office products, and general computer use (Fall 2021).

·         Library staff will offer classes and one-on-one tutoring on library devices (Spring 2022).

·         Library staff will offer one-on-one assistance with personal devices inside the library (Fall 2022).



Objective #3: The library will make online library resources available to patrons.

            Staff training on library resources (Spring 2020).

·         Classes offered on library resources (Summer 2020).

·         Marketing information on how to access and use online library resources (Fall 2020).

·         Community outreach about online library resources (Fall 2021).

o   City council, local schools, patrons

·         Director will monitor the use of online resources and include these numbers with circulation reports (Fall 2022).