Donated Items Added

The following is a list of materials that have been donated to the library and added to our collection. 
Right now, those materials are located on a display next to the new book display.
Please let a librarian know if you would like to reserve one of these books, or if you would like to check it out!



Roswell Garst: a Biography - Harold Lee
What's Important Now - Bryce Paup
Living History- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Adult Fiction

Plainsong- Kent Haruf
In Cold Blood- Truman Capote
Boneman's Daughter - Ted Dekker
Immanuel's Veins - Ted Dekker


Shoah: an Oral Historyof the Holocaust: the Complete Text of the Film- Claude Lanzmann 
Firstlight: Early Inspirational Writing - Sue Monk Kidd
Vintage Cars: In Color - Phil Drackett
Baseball: An Illustrated History - Geoffrey C. Ward
Illustrated History of the Civil War - Henry Steele Commager
Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence - Gail Sheehy
Simpler Times - Thomas Kinkade
So I'm Talking to This Guy: Rob Bosellino at the Des Moines Register - Des Moines Register
Ringling: The Art Museum 
Profiles in Courage: Young Readers Memorial Edition - John F. Kennedy

Iowa Books

I Remember Rippey - Friends of Rippey
Death Comes to Main Street: An Iowa Mystery Novel - Bill Ferguson
Outside Privies and Dinner Pails: A Living History of Southwest Iowa
Me & Snap: Two Iowa Brothers, True Gut-Busting Tales from the 50's and 60's - John W. Bruner 
Bonk Monsters & Miracles: Plus More Adventures of Me & Snap - John W. Bruner
More of and the Best of Me & Snap: True Gut-Busting Tales You Won't Be Able to Put It Down - John W. Bruner
The Cochrans of Horshoe Bend - Kathrine Hedges Evers
The Farmer: A Story of West Central - Joe Tye

Christian Fiction

Obsessed - Ted Dekker
Showdown: Paradise #1 - Ted Dekker
Saint: Paradise #2 - Ted Dekker
Sinner: Paradise #3 - Ted Dekker


Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard
Chosen: Lost Books #1 - Ted Dekker
Infidel: Lost Books #2 - Ted Dekker
Renegade: Lost Books #3 - Ted Dekker
Chaos: Lost Books #4 - Ted Dekker
Lunatic: Lost Books #5 - Ted Dekker
Elyon: Lost Books #6 - Ted Dekker

Easy Readers

Santa Mouse - Michael Brown


NA - Misadventures with a Speed Demon (Misadventures #13) - Chelle Bliss
The Mountain Between Us - Charles Martin
The Snowman: Harry Hole #7 - Jo Nesbo
The Money Shot: Teddy Fay #2 - Stuart Woods
Shoot Him if He Runs: Stone Barrington #14 - Stuart Woods
Foreign Affairs: Stone Barrington #35 - Stuart Woods
Below the Belt: Stone Barrington #40 - Stuart Woods
Shoot First: Stone Barrington #45 - Stuart Woods
Enemy of the State - Kyle Mills
The Shack - William P. Young
The Run - Stuart Woods